2018 Grants to Historic Property Redevelopment Programs

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At its first quarterly meeting of the year, the trustees of The 1772 Foundation awarded grants totaling $1,230,000 to the 20 organizations listed below.

The smallest grant of $10,000 was made to High Point Preservation Society (High Point, NC) for a historic properties redevelopment program [HPRP], also known as a revolving fund, feasibility study.

The largest grants were made to Historic Macon (Macon, GA) and the Madison-Morgan Conservancy (Madison, GA). Historic Macon‘s $125,000 grant provides additional capital for its Fading Five Fund, dedicated to preserving endangered places in Macon-Bibb County. Macon’s Fading Five is a list of endangered properties compiled annually from community nominations, with places remaining on the list until they are “saved.”

The Madison-Morgan Conservancy, a blended historic preservation and land conservation organization, also received a $125,000 grant. The Conservancy completed a 1772 Foundation-funded feasibility study last year, has secured matching funds to start its new revolving fund, and has several “revolving fund-ready” projects in the pipeline.

In addition to its grants to HPRPs, The 1772 Foundation also awarded a grant to the National Main Street Center to offer training in real estate finance and deal structuring for staff of Main Street revolving funds. This training is of proven value to preservationists in the field and indicates to grant reviewers that applicants have the necessary knowledge and skills to become involved in real estate work. Following the coursework, Main Street program directors will be prepared to take more direct action to protect their downtowns’ historic buildings.

Cleveland Restoration Society$50,000
Fairmount Park Conservancy (Philadelphia, PA)$25,000
High Point Preservation Society (High Point, NC)$10,000
Historic Boston Incorporated$100,000
Historic Charleston Foundation$50,000
Historic Macon (GA)**$125,000
Historic Savannah Foundation$25,000
Indiana Landmarks$25,000
Landmarks Illinois$100,000
Madison-Morgan Conservancy (Madison, GA)*$125,000
Maine Preservation$50,000
National Main Street Center (Chicago, IL )$100,000
Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation$50,000
Preservation Alliance of West Virginia$25,000
Preservation Buffalo Niagara$25,000
Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans$75,000
Preservation Maryland**$75,000
Preserve Rhode Island$75,000
Restore Mobile$20,000
Waterfront Historic Area League (WHALE) (New Bedford, MA)$100,000
*Receiving the first installment of a two-year grant.
**Receiving the second installment of a two-year grant.