Executive Director Discusses Refining Goals

Posted June 26th, 2014 by maryalbro and filed in News & Announcements
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Mary Adams Anthony, Executive Director, The 1772 Foundation, recently wrote a post for PhilanthroFiles, the blog of Exponent Philanthropy. In it, she describes the in-house approach the Foundation took to refining the goals of its sustainable agriculture and food systems work. After receiving 400 requests for funding in the first year of the new initiative, Mary took a measured approach to develop a much finer focus for grantmaking in this realm. The result was a plan that builds the capacity of land trusts to protect farmland within a 100-mile radius of Boston or New York City and is doubly impactful as it not only protects farmland but also preserves the historic farming landscape. Learn the four, practical and achievable steps that Mary took by reading her post, After 400 Requests for Funding.