Executive Director Speaks at Exponent Philanthropy Conference

Posted October 31st, 2014 by maryalbro and filed in News & Announcements
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Mary Anthony, Executive Director, The 1772 Foundation, presented at the national conference of Exponent Philanthropy, formerly The Association of Small Foundations, on October 30. Ms. Anthony discussed the power of convening to bring people together to exchange knowledge and ideas, build relationships, raise awareness, focus attention on issues and spark collective action. Ms. Anthony described the community perspective of funders, which¬†often helps them realize when people and organizations with similar interests are not talking to each other and perfectly positions them to bring everyone to the table to start a conversation. She shared The 1772 Foundation’s experiences with convenings. Ms. Anthony also spoke at the 2012 national conference and has contributed to Exponent Philanthropy’s PhilanthroFiles blog.